Reviews in Boston Globe, Irish Times, and Books & Culture

Recent weeks have brought Pioneer Prophet media attention from Utah to Ireland. Here’s a sampling:

▪ The Boston Globe concludes that “Turner not only profiles the man who brought the church to Utah, but also satisfies both high-minded and lowbrow curiosity about this most American of religions.”

▪ In the Irish Times, historian Richard Aldous offers this summation: “Turner’s story never drags, partly because the tale itself is so fascinating, but also because he writes with clarity and energy. He slyly contrives to set the reader thinking about contemporary political issues and comparisons, such as the observation that Young always believed it was ‘better to be passionate than proper’, but without ever mentioning or even alluding to the current Republican candidate for the presidency.”

▪ In Books & Culture, Stephen Webb suggests that Pioneer Prophet “should do for Brigham Young what Richard Lyman Bushman’s Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling did for the Mormon prophet: make the case not only that Young was one of the most fascinating people of the 19th century but also that his importance in American history can no longer be overlooked.”

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